Quest Digest #4: Puzzles By MARTHA, WHITT, SOPHIA

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines puzzle as “a question, problem, or contrivance designed for testing ingenuity”. This is the kind of thinking that Max and Mrs. Robbins wanted to pursue when they started their trimester two quest.

When they decided to start a quest dedicated to solving puzzles, they had no idea they’d be solving murder mysteries and saving the world from giant unstoppable blobs. At first, they had no idea what they’d be doing, besides solving puzzles. They began the trimester attempting to solve a frightening murder mystery. After they skillfully finish each mind-boggling puzzle, they do an intellectual well thought out reflection on it. Prior to this gargantuan project they did online puzzles individually and in groups. One of the hardest puzzles they tried to solve had to do with obtuse triangles, and it took them an extremely long time to complete, but eventually they did it with lots of focus and brainpower. In fact, they’ve finished each and every one of their challenging puzzles so far.

When Max was asked if they’d ever been bamboozled by a puzzle, he said that they had, but only temporarily. One of the most vital things about puzzle-solving is good ol’ fashioned teamwork: “When we put all of our brainpower together, anything is attainable, so we have not had any major setbacks.” The trimester two puzzle quest’s favorite type of puzzle to solve is not necessarily traditional jigsaw puzzles, but logic and problem-solving questions, which are also known as riddles. It turns out that the puzzle quest is very good at solving them.