What is it like to be new to the Middle School? BY REESE

Photo credit: STAB Smug Mug

Being new is challenging, no matter where you go, but what is it like being new here? 

To learn more about the new student experience at St. Anne’s-Belfield, I interviewed, Connor, Gray, and Julie, all 7th graders. They all had different opinions on their experience so far at STAB. 

When asked about the best part of this school so far, Julie couldn’t even choose: “Everything, everything! I can’t pick one.” Unlike Julie, the boys had one specific answer, “Sports! It makes you look forward to something at the end of the day.” Gray said the same thing but added, “It’s really fun!” 

When coming into a new community, there are definitely changes between St. Anne’s-Belfield and other schools. “We do stuff in class. Work is actually a thing here,” Connor said in his interview. In contrast, Gray mentioned, “Well, I went to an all-boys school before this so… girls!” Julie had a very different answer: “Many more choices. For example, the uniform choices, the food, and classes. In this school, we have many more fun classes than my old school, like art!”  

Students returning to St. Anne’s-Belfield are used to our environment already and have good friendships. So what does it feel like coming into a new environment with no history to go off of? Maybe they’ve been to many schools, like Gray. He shared, “I’ve been to a lot of schools so being new wasn’t very different from all the other times. The St. Anne’s-Belfield community was very welcoming.” Or maybe they could be more like Connor: “To be honest, the first two weeks were hard but it got a lot easier after I started to get more comfortable.” 

How do you adjust? What helped you feel included at St. Anne’s-Belfield?  “Being in a sport helped me so much to get to know people. It made me feel like I was part of the community.” Connor said. Julie’s thought was: “People here were very nice to me which made it very easy to feel included.”

I asked these students what advice they would give to students next year. Connor said, “Give it some time. The first few weeks are hard but it always gets better. You’ll find the people you want to be friends with pretty fast.” Gray had a very simple answer to this question, “Talk a lot! Be social and happy.” “Everyone here is very friendly and kind, so don’t be nervous,” Julie said. 

Thank you to Connor, Gray, and Julie for being open to an interview and for giving me great answers.