Quest Digest #3: a Jam Session, Making a Local Impact, and Creating Neverland BY SOPHIA, MARTHA, AND WHITT

Credit: “Can We Jam?” Quest

Nine children, two leaders, one teacher, six instruments, one question: Can we jam? In this quest, students can demonstrate their musical talent and play with their friends. “It’s an amazing feeling that you get from playing music, like when you finally learn a song that you’ve been trying to learn,” explains Andrew. In this quest students play various instruments, including the piano, guitar, bass, double bass, violin, and cello. Some students “have even  started to learn new instruments through this quest.” The students have split up into various groups to match their playing.

Photo Credit: Ms. Fitz

In the city of Charlottesville, one out of every six children does not get enough food. There is a quest in the St. Anne’s-Belfield community that is attempting to fight this problem. Led by the fearless leaders, Izzy and Spicer, the Food Bank quest has already collected 3835 cans for Clark Elementary, and hopes to contribute more. The reason they chose to donate to Clark is because every single one of those students is on free and reduced meal plan. “We have already received an email from Clark expressing how thankful they are,” Spicer says, “I love the people in my quest, I really thought that it would be challenging to lead a quest because I’ve seen leaders walk into a classroom and have people completely ignore them, but all the people in my quest are super attentive and super nice.” This quest is full of people who want to make a change in the community around them, and the students of Clark will feel their impact for a long time.

The 7th grade play, Peter Pan and Wendy, debuts this Friday, February 14. Actors and techies alike have been hard at work preparing for it, and so has the How Can We Create Neverland? quest. For the past few weeks, the quest has been designing and creating the set of Neverland. They divided into groups to work on different mini-projects, and the creation of the crocodile was one of them. Fiona, a member of the crocodile group, described her favorite part of the process as the paper mache, as everyone’s hands got messy and everyone had fun doing it. The crocodile is very near completion, with only the final assembly of its body parts left.