Quest Digest #2: Food, Films, and French? BY SOPHIA AND MARTHA

Sophia and Martha are back with another Quest Digest! Keep reading for updates from the second trimester of Quests.

The “How can we turn fiction into film?” Quest is really starting to get into their filming process this week. In the Quest, students take scenes from their favorite books and try to recreate them as a movie scene. Sophie G. says, “It’s very fun, and I’m learning a lot about movie creating.” This process of turning fiction into film involves a lot of effort, and it takes a great understanding of the scene. “You have to really dissect the characters emotions in the book, and then figure out how to personally portray them,” reflected Sophie. They are hoping to recreate a scene from The Maze Runner, but are trying to keep the video under wraps until it’s finished.

The “What’s for Lunch” Quest is working hard on figuring out what food to make from New Zealand. “They eat some pretty interesting things”, Mrs. Grosch said, “What’s really interesting is our dessert.” Apparently there’s a very controversial debate in picking the dessert. When asked about what kinds of desserts they were choosing between, all Mrs. Grosch would say was “I’m not sure I can disclose that information.” The Quest focuses on improving basic cooking skills and making sure kids are comfortable with the idea of cooking their own food. The food they make goes to everyone on a Community Lunch day. Every student gets to try food from other cultures. Usually there’s a lot of students in this quest, so dividing the tasks so each person gets to do the same amount can be difficult. But the students split into stations of usually three or four, so there’s plenty for each person.

The “How do you say…It’s time to teach preschool…in…?” Quest has been teaching preschoolers the basics of the languages we learn in middle school – Spanish, French, and Latin. Each Quest day, members spend 30 minutes in Mr. Gulotta’s room planning before going down to the preschool to teach a short lesson. They plan their lessons with the temperament of young children in mind – for example, when teaching colors, they lay color spots on the ground and had the kids run to the correct color when it was called. This keeps the preschoolers engaged and entertained. Sonia, who is leading this Quest after being a member of it last year, calls it “the highlight of [her] week.” 

Stay tuned for more Quest Digests in the coming weeks!