Time to Hit the Slopes BY: WHITT AND JACKSON

With the beginning of a new year, brings us the annual Ski Club at St. Anne’s-Belfield. For those of you who are unaware of what Ski Club is, Ski Club is a series of trips to Wintergreen, four Fridays in January. The departure to Wintergreen begins at 3:40. After chapel, students race up to the classrooms to dress in ski attire. As they board the bus to depart, the excitement is uncontrollable. Some students describe the bus ride as their “favorite part of Ski Club.” As the bus draws closer to the destination, the riders start the preparations. Goggles and helmets are thrown on with haste. When the doors open, the race begins. Some kids run to get in line for ski rentals, others attempt to sprint (waddle) for the slopes. In the past, Mrs. Reed has always handed out small pieces of paper for lift tickets, but now lanyards take their place. Those lucky enough to get theirs early hop on the slopes. The first slope always proves to be the most challenging, and the most exciting.

The slopes are always a mystery at Ski Club. Depending on the weather, some may be open and some may be closed. For the less advanced skiers, the slopes Potato Patch and Dobie are ideal. For those more advanced, there are the slopes Eagles Swoop, Tequila, and maybe Big Acorn if the weather is good (cold). With the choosing of the slope comes responsibility. When on the top of the lift, always be sure to choose a slope in your comfort zone. Be sure that it is a good slope for your experience, and always be safe. Ski Club is not only about the in the moment skiing but also the stories that can be gained in the process. Even in just one year of Ski Club, the stories are innumerable.

Ski Club has always been one of the highlights of the school year, some say it is one of the only things they look forward to in the winter. We hope this Ski Club is as memorable as in the past.

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