Quest Digest #1: Play, Fights, and Tech BY: SOPHIA AND MARTHA

Quests are a fun, engaging way to gain knowledge. Once every three days, students go to a “quest” instead of their art. The winter quest season recently began, so Martha and Sophia interviewed leaders and members of three quests to ask about their first two weeks.

The “Why is play important?” quest, led by Mrs. Redfearn-Cave, focuses on play and how it affects children. Quest members meet in Mrs. Redfearn-Cave’s room, where they rotate through many different stations, all focusing on different types of play. There is a sticker collage station, a hot glue and pipe cleaner station, and even a puppet show. Eventually, the quest plans on visiting preschoolers and/or kindergarteners to play with them. 

In the “How’d they do that?” quest, members are hard at work choreographing and learning a fight scene. The quest is student-led, meaning that it is students who plan and organize the quest (with a teacher supervisor). Kelly, one of two leaders, says the quest group is “small, but fun,” and they plan on performing their finished fight at the end of this quest season.

Another student-led quest is the “How can we create…?” quest, run by Alex, with the help of Ms. Holden. The quest gives students a space to imagine, create, and explore building with technology, with a goal of letting members “use their creative minds and think of different things they can make with various objects.” Now that break is over, the students plan to start “tinkering.” 

All in all, the quests seem to be starting off well, and we wish them luck in achieving their respective goals. Stay tuned for the next edition of the Quest Digest!

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  1. Steven
    February 24, 2020 at 4:16 pm

    WOW! This is AMAZING WORK!

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